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Take advantage of holiday sales with winem8's insights

What day is it?

Black Friday. Cyber Monday. Christmas. Boxing Day.

The race is on, with some retailers already pulling ahead. Winem8 can help you drive more subscriptions this holiday season.

With Black Friday and Cyber Monday just around the corner, from November 26th, Christmas shopping is starting earlier than usual.

Retailers are preparing for the biggest online Christmas season starting with Black Friday on record. To get ahead of the curve it is important to start now.

Discount codes, flash sales, and Black Friday deals. Need help on how to get started? We’ve got you covered.

See below for winem8's best tips and tricks on how to get started planning for your holiday sales.

A worker is only as good as their tools

Although this not be true in every setting, for a customer using a website, the tool they are using can make or break their experience.

Before creating online deals and promotions, ensure your online experience is simple and seamless. According to Endeavour Group, for online purchases of alcohol, customers are more likely to take their time and consider their options, so the design and functionality of your site will help you win or lose sales.

Ensure that your website is optimised for the user experience. Our tips? Make sure that you have sale and product information displayed in a simple and concise way. If your customer needs to take more than a few clicks to purchase wine or sign up to a wine club, you may have lost them already.

If you are unsure where to start with optimising your website, the Winem8 team can help you achieve this by providing an easy-to-use flow for your customers.

Holiday season + time with friends and family = more wine consumed

Create value for your existing customers through season-specific sales.

The holiday season means more time with families and friends, which means more wine consumed. Your customers are planning ahead for their drink of choice before the holiday rush begins.

Take advantage of this with Winem8 by creating wine club deals designed just for this purpose that deliver value and efficiency to your customers.

It is time to stand out from the crowd

Attract new and old customers with Black Friday deals that they can’t say no to.

Consumers now expect personalisation. Give your customer's control with winem8, by allowing them to choose what they want, and when they want it, as well as a discount to get them across the line.

Personalisation isn't only in choice, it is also how you communicate with your customers. If you have a customer who buys predominantly sparkling and rosé, they won't be too happy to receive constant deals for Shiraz and Cabernet Sauvignon.

The winem8 team can give you the tools to create strategic and highly personalised communication to your mailing list that makes them feel a part of your community.

Happy holidays and good luck from the winem8 team for this busy season!

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