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October 2021 winem8 Updates

We have some exciting product updates!

Total control over your customer's next renewal date

Winem8 admins now have full control over when their customers' next renewal dates. They can change this date with just a few clicks.

This will help you manage customers and take away some of the admin work for you.

Better Stripe descriptions or new winem8 customers

Before, new customers were being marked with only an ID number in your Stripe account.

Now, this will include their full name for easier reporting through Stripe on your end.

More control for your customers = less admin work for you

Customers now have the ability to cancel their subscription or skip their next renewal themselves.

Managing your customers' subscriptions is now less admin intensive, as well as giving a more personalised experience for your customers.

Want to know what winem8 can do for your business?

The winem8 team are DTC experts who spend their days living and breathing wine clubs. We can offer your business online support at all touchpoints from your website and CMS, your wine club management software, to your communication to customers.

Interested in learning more?


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