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E-commerce is a trend here to stay

Is e-commerce on an irreversible upward trajectory?

As the Summer break draws to a close and we ease our way back into the work groove, you may find yourself perusing industry newsletters and publications to recalibrate yourself for the year ahead. Well, at least we do.

A common theme in these publications is an article or some analysis about the future of e-commerce, and they all have one key thing in common.

E-commerce continues to be on the rise.

And it won't slow anytime soon!

The consistent view is that e-commerce has not only established itself the third sales channel for alcohol drinks but that it will continue to grow ahead of the market for many years to come.

Don't believe us?

Let's look at some statistics and predictions from Andrew Catchpole’s analysis in Harpers Wine + Spirit Dec 2021;

  • E-commerce sales are predicted to grow 66% in the five years to 2025 in key markets

  • During this period, it is predicted that there will be a $42 Billion uplift in online sales

  • The channel is already showing significant growth, with e-commerce in key markets up 43% in 2020, compared to only 12% in 2019

  • Wine is the largest alcoholic drinks category with 40% of the total value

  • Outside of exclusively e-commerce, influential younger consumers are seeking interesting and premium brands

  • Premiumisation is here to stay

Start 2022 with a bang and get on board.

Winem8 is here to help you tap into these trends and realise your business's potential.

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