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It's time to take full advantage of your email marketing.

2022 is now in full swing with harvest underway, and cellar doors opening up across the country. Are you ready to take full advantage?

Personalising the experience, capturing data, and upselling to loyalty programs and wine clubs are important parts of the cellar door sales process and will set your marketing team up for success going forward.

Email marketing is the most popular marketing tool for wineries, and for good reason.

With the right strategy, you can inform customers of your brand and story, create a loyal database through personalisation, or facilitate a smooth wine club process.

Need some inspiration? Here are 3 high impact strategies.

1. From cellar door to database, and back

If you are not capturing emails from people passing through your cellar door, you are missing out on opportunities for remarketing and rich data that will inform your DtC strategy.

Capturing emails, combined with the right tool, will allow you to track how many times this customer interacts with your brand, purchases after the visit, and if they sign up to your wine club.

Additionally, welcome returning customers to the cellar door with a VIP treatment by having an easily accessible record of their history. They will return over and over again!

2. Stay connected with wine club members to reduce churn

Your customers do not want to feel ghosted after signing up to your wine club, and, most likely, they have signed up as they want to be a part of your brand community.

Remaining in contact with your wine club members outside of the reminder emails will help grow customer lifetime value. A well-timed message prompting the member to update their subscription to the new wines you have on offer, may extend their membership substantially.

3. Automate without losing personalisation

You may feel nervous to move to a more automated approach as you have built up personal connections with your customers, however, it is possible to keep your own personal touch on emails as well as save yourself some time to focus elsewhere.

By using automatically triggered communication and segmentation, as well as copy tags, you can provide each customer with a personalised experience.


Did you know? Winem8's recommended marketing platform Klaviyo uses powerful integration tools that allow you to target and build a personalised experience for your database.

Plug Klaviyo into winem8, Shopify, Facebook and more and start to listen to your customers in a meaningful way.

winem8 offers onboarding and support packages for Klaviyo and your email strategy. Get in touch now to see how we can help you grow and maintain your database!


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