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Your all-in-one direct-to-consumer 
Wine Club Management Solution.


So why use winem8?


It’s built on the world’s best-in-class eCommerce platform for customer experience and fulfillment.


It incentivises your members by offering real value and choice.


It’s the ultimate in flexible subscription management made easy.


It allows you to listen, analyse, and act on your

customer’s needs and actions. 



Ultimate flexibility

Flexible subscription management made easy.

When it comes to subscription, winem8 offers the ultimate flexibility to you and your members.

Allow your members to set the frequency of their subscription and the quantity they receive in each pack all guided by options you set.

Incentivise commitment

Incentivise your members by offering real value

Members can easily see how their commitment translates to greater savings, the higher the frequency and quantity the more they save.

That earned discount level can translate to their membership tier and determines how much they save online or at POS.


Freedom of choice

Provide your members greater choice

We all like the freedom of choice even if it's just so we can choose the “feed me” option.

winem8 provides your customers with both.

You can curate subscription packs for your members and fix delivery dates and/or
allow them to build their own packs and choose when they want them.

Shopify integrated

Built on the world’s best-in-class eCommerce platform for customer experience and fulfillment.

Shopify is global, easy to use and designed to support business’ selling products and services online. 

It is focused on creating an exceptional user experience both for you and your customers. 

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Who are we?

At winem8 we believe that the opportunity to develop direct relationships with customers, building long term brand loyalty, is the commercial right of every business no matter how big or small.


A collaboration between KWP and Evans + Ayers, two Australian companies that represent over 150 years of leading creative and commercial thinking, we welcome you to winem8 - the ultimate subscription management tool for direct to consumer sales in the wine industry.


Built on more than just good technology, winem8 understands you, your business, your challenges, your needs and your desired outcomes. With the sole purpose of empowering you to maximise profit through distribution channel optimisation, winem8 is a beacon of opportunity in the wine community’s rapidly changing trading landscape.


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